Ji Su Yoo

Photo Credit: Priscilla Yoo

I'm a PhD student at the UC Berkeley School of Information, where I focus on the intersection of technology and inequality and social computing using mixed methods. I'm the co-director of the Center for Technology, Society & Policy; the first Ph.D. student representative for I School Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging; and part of the Algorithmic Opacity and Fairness Working Group. I also co-founded PlatformAbuse.org, a knowledge source of technological harms and mitigations, which won prizes in the UC Berkeley Big Ideas Contest and the Mozilla Builders Open and MVP Lab. We also developed the Abusability Testing Framework. Previously, I was a researcher at the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science and Data Privacy Lab. 

I'm interested in information flows, misinformation, tech equity, and algorithms. For more detail, check out my Research page

Email: jisu@berkeley.edu | jisu@mobiusproject.org 

Twitter: @JiSuYoo1